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The Best Way to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean

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Most people know that one of the easiest ways to keep a dryer running efficiently is to clean out the lint trap, screen, or vent. When lint builds up in these areas, it restricts air from flowing through which will cause your dryer to decrease in efficiency. Also, your clothes will take longer to dry while using up more energy in the process. The tools for cleaning out your dryer include a vacuum cleaner with a lint cleaner attachment, garbage bag, and a dryer vent brush or LintEater. Whether your dryer’s lint trap is on top of the dryer or inside the door, you can use the following step-by-step guidelines when you are cleaning the lint trap and screen:

  • Gently pull out the lint screen by grabbing it at the end, which should lift it out fully.
  • Be sure to thoroughly wipe off any lint on the screen.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner and a soft brush to clean the screen, which wipes off any remaining lint.
  • You can also use the vacuum to wipe off any lint from the lint trap as well. Switch the attachment on the vacuum to one with a longer neck and insert the attachment as far into the lint trap as it can go. This should remove as much of the residual lint as possible.
  • Put the clean lint screen back into place.

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Signs Your Dryer Duct Needs Cleaning

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Most people know enough to clean the clothes dryer’s lint filter after each use, but it’s also important to keep your dryer’s vent system cleaned. When lint has built up in the dryer over time, it causes the dryer to overheat. As lint is highly combustible, the dryer can easily catch on fire. Protect your home and family by knowing when you need to clean the lint buildup in the dryer vent hose. If your dryer shows any of the following signs, it may be time for a dryer vent cleaning in Sarasota from Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning.

Drying Clothes Takes Longer
If the clothes are not dry by the end of a normal cycle, your dryer vent may not be able to push out hot, moist air and pull in more dry air to continue the drying process. If the dryer vent is clogged with lint, moist air stays in the dryer, making it hard for your clothes to dry completely.

Dryer Gives Off a Burning Smell
Lint is flammable and may be hot enough to give off a burning odor. If you smell something burning in your dryer, contact the professionals at Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning for an inspection as soon as possible.

The Dryer Is Hot to the Touch
If the dryer vent does not exhaust air properly, the dryer feels hot to the touch at the end of a normal cycle.

Lint Is Coming Out of the External Vent Opening
Your dryer line exits into an opening to the outside. When there is lint around the opening, it may be a sign that the vent system needs cleaning.


Protect Your Home from a Clothes Dryer Fire

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Every year there are several thousand house fires caused by home clothes dryers. One of the main causes of these fires is that there is too much lint building up in a dryer’s exhaust vent. Lint is extremely flammable. Your dryer vent duct also connects your dryer to the outside so it must be inspected periodically to ensure there’s no danger of excessive dust and debris buildup.

You can inspect your dryer vent by pulling the dryer away from the wall, unplugging the power, and unhooking the dryer vent from the back of the dryer. Use a large flashlight to shine inside the vent and look for clumps of gray lint and dust.  Also, be sure to clean the pipe walls and outlets.

If you choose to clean the dryer vent yourself, you want to use a brush, some type of blower, or a hand brush made for vent cleaning. Using a hand brush is the most thorough cleaning method. You will also want to use a vacuum with a hose attachment to suck all of the dust and mess into the vacuum.

You may also want to try to take the cover off of the vent from the outside and blow the lint out with a leaf blower. You can stick the leaf blower into the vent pipe at your dryer’s hookup and turn it on. Once it blows for a few minutes, you should be able to get rid of a great deal of lint.

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